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Complex Web & Enterprise Application Developers

Guidelight Business Solutions is the 'power' behind many successful projects, as we are often called in by other firms to handle all of the heavy lifting for their software development projects. For example, when a vendor for a current client realized their team was going to miss a second delivery deadline, they called Guidelight to step in and take over the most complex and difficult elements of the project. In eight weeks, we delivered what their team had struggled to create in over eight months.

Similarly, we received a call earlier this year from a web developer who could no longer deliver on their technical promises to a client. Realizing the project would be an ongoing burden for them to support successfully, all parties agreed to have Guidelight assume all software development and management for the initiative. In one month we had the system fully up and running. A few weeks of intense testing and we went into limited beta. As of this writing, the software is in production and being accessed daily by over 7000 professionals who conduct several million dollars worth of transactions each month.

It's More than Software - It's Science

Since our inception in 2002, we have had a tagline of "Innovation from Software and Science". We are disciplined in our approach to each engagement, and realize that attributes of projects often change over time. Although we have utilized a vast array of technologies over the years, our strongest skills lie in .Net, specifically C#, in both desktop and web environments. But, we are equally at home in Linux using PHP tools such as Drupal or PhpMyAdmin and MySQL.

One project category we particularly enjoy is migrating systems to .Net. These types of projects are fun because of the challenge of knowing both the source domain and the destination domain. We have a pending blanket contract with the DIR to provide this service to all state agencies and are very eager to start these projects.

Our focus is to make our clients successful. We know that our success is wholly dependent upon the success we help our clients achieve.
We hope this further explanation of Guidelight's differentiating strengths is helpful to you, and we've appreciated the opportunity to share it with you.