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Back Office and Web Portal Integration

Back Office & Web Portal

Enterprise Web portals and back offices have the ability to provide customers and employees single point of access to information stored in a wide variety of business applications. The challenge with this type of solution is the transfer of data between the portal or back office and already existing applications, legacy systems and data warehouses. This is where Guidelight's experience and expertise in dealing with enterprise systems integrations becomes so valuable in delivering ideal methodologies, architecture strategies and full-cycle solutions.

Data Entry - Efficiency & Accuracy

Back Office and Web Portal Integration can significantly reduce the amount of time your staff spends entering data into reports, applications and websites. Our Web Portal and Back Office Integration solutions also provide single point data entry and storage which all but eliminates data errors and inconsistencies.

Data Access - Streamlining Processes & Extending Data Availability

A Web Portal Integration Solution has the ability to support receiving data from a website to update public content, inventory tracking, or accounting and reporting systems among other things. A good example of this would be a backoffice solution having the capability to automatically capture data from a website (a request or order receipt), which can then be almost immediately accessed by another internal system or pushed to an external system (automated processing), which would then initiate one or more completely separate processes (invoicing, payment processing, and/or a shipment).

Automating Project, Product or Service Assignments

The Web Portal Integration has the ability to support monitoring of internal and external applications and websites for data that matches specific criteria. For example, parameters may be set to search project or job listings to identify a desirable work scope based on job type, location, category, cost and/or timetable. If all the set criteria were met, the system could then assign the project to an employee or move the transaction into a subsequent workflow for review, bidding or acceptance by a number of different parties.

By automating a process like this, you have the ability to not only save time with internal project assignments, but have the same capabilities for external vendors and service providers.

Integrating Web Portals with External Business Systems

Web Portal Integration can be used for a variety of applications including integration to and from payment services, vendor and manufacturer websites, other retail or distributor websites, government or other licensing type websites, agent websites, recruiting or background verification websites, job or other post boards, along with websites of shippers or other intermediaries.

We configure our custom built Portal Integration applications to interface with most all websites and enterprise level systems. Key benefits include:

  • Automate certain aspects of manual data entry
  • Automate the validation of information and data
  • Reduce payment or other transactional delays
  • Reduce operational bottlenecks by eliminating data entry errors
  • Verification and automation of accounting or reporting systems data
  • Improve customer service by increasing speed and accuracy of operations

Web Portal Integration - Application Workflow Developers

Guidelight offers full-cycle backoffice development and web portal integration services including design, development, deployment, quality assurance, performance optimization, along with maintenance and support. We develop customized solutions per your requirements, and when necessary, this might include various interactive tools such as message boards, discussion forums, rating tools, voting polls, blog communities, real time chat, videos and/or image galleries.

Following a system implementation, we believe it is not only most important to ensure the portal is running smoothly and error-free, but are also heavily focused on providing ongoing portal upgrades and feature enhancements to meet the evolving needs of your business.

For more information about our Back Office and Web Portal Integration services, or to simply get a quote for your Web Portal or Back Office development project, please contact us.