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Third Party Code Review

Third Party Code Review

At Guidelight, our Third Party Software & Architecture Code Review process focusses on three main areas - Performance, Database Quality and Security. Our expertise and experience is in gaining a full understanding of applications to provide the guidance neccesary to help you both make and support the important business decisions regarding development and future enhancements.

Third Party Code Review - Application Source Code

Our highly-skilled and experienced team of developers and architects go through your entire application source code to offer valuable insight to its quality, which includes issues or innefficiencies. Our Code review process is also specifically structured to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses as we aim to improve overall software security, and also to help strategically plan for their removal.

Third Party Review - Systems Audit

Our Systems Audit review process focusses on organizational information technology systems to evaluate improvements and enhancements, the goal being an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Third Party Review - SQL Audit

Our expert team of enterprise database architects help to ensure your database is fully secure from all outside attackes. Given this is where you entrust most (if not all) of your secure customer data and organizational information, a breach of your systems security would likely lead to catastrophic consequences for your organization's business and reputation.

Third Party Review - User Experience Audit

Our User Experience Audit process helps you evaluate your application to enhance functionality and usability, as UI/UX Design is absolutely vital to the success of any software program.

We leverage the very same critical eyes when reviewing and validating your existing applications as we do when designing and developing industry leading enterprise applications. We believe solid architecture is the cornerstone to any software project's success, including reliability, scalability, maintainability, reusability, and security.

For more information about our Third Party Code Review services, or to simply get a Third Party Code Review quote for your Software and/or Architecture, please contact us.