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Social Media Apps, Tools & Widgets

Social Media Tools & Widgets

Social Media Tools & Widgets are a powerful way to create engaging connections with target audiences on the Web and within social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Guidelight provides full-service and full-cycle development services for Social Network Web Applications, Social Media Web Widgets, Social Media Desktop Widgets and Social Media Promotion and Distribution Tools, including strategy, design, development, and deployment along with ongoing life cycle management, maintenance and support.

Social Network Web Applications

Social network web applications are web apps or mini-web sites that are integrated into the target social network web site and drive direct, deeply aligned and integrated brand experiences. The application flow should be designed to be naturally shared with thousands of friends and family through the internal network communication channels of the particular social networking web site the app was developed for (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.).

Social Media Web Widgets

Social Media Web Widgets are mini-applications or tools designed to either deliver product, service or industry information or drive traffic back to your website. They are normally built in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or Flash and are developed to be embedded in blogs, social networks, or other web pages. Most of these types of widgets are designed to be delivered free and focus on gaining brand visibility through advertising, logos, embedded links or other means that promote the brand.

Normally, distribution is strategically positioned to be viral and includes a compelling reason for Web users to either copy and past the code on their own web site or blog or republish the content through social media channels. These types of Social Media Web Widgets are also being used more and more to generate revenue.

Social Media Desktop Widgets

Desktop widgets are light-weight interactive social media applications or tools including games, calculators, live data feeds, quoting tools or other content distribution apps that run in tiny window on the computer desktop and deliver extended desktop functionality or extend an existing application.

Most of these widgets are built for standard desktop platforms and require users to first install the widget before it's functionality can be accessed. Desktop widgets are normally developed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash and/or Flex to be installed on Windows and Mac OS X.

Social Media Promotion and Distribution Tools

Marketing virally via social media promotion and distribution tools and widgets is becoming an increasingly important part of an online marketing strategy. Exposing information, data and news (Content Marketing) to a network of users as a means of converting those users into active customers is an extremely powerful way of bringing your brand closer to your target market.

Social networks provide not only the opportunity to create wide-reaching brand marketing campaigns through applications within the social networking sites, but they are also highly efficient in demographic targeting by age, sex, location, interests, keywords, political persuasion, religious views and more. And, given the viral nature of these platforms, online promotion and distribution marketing supports organizations and businesses in reaching not only individual users, but also their entire network of friends and family.

Social Media Tools and Widgets - Process & Services

Social Media Application Strategy Development

The overall strategy for your application, tool or widget is just as important as development, if not more so. A well-defined and efficient widget and social network application strategy not only allows for an efficient and effective development cycle, but helps everyone in your organization understand how all aspects of the application and social networking platforms must work together to be an effective part of your overall social media strategy. Our expertise in social media and experience with social networks allows us to help create best-in-class viral social media strategies.

Social Media Application Design

We fully analyze your requirements prior to creating ideas, designing specifications, and building wire frames. This detail in exploration and planning allows us to most effectively develop a scalable social network application that is not only extremely functional, but is easy to integrate, maintain and support. All application and widget development projects follow our rigorous project management process and are executed to a precise schedule of milestones and deliverables.

Social Media Application Development

We have the deep technical capabilities to build and manage a wide range Web widgets, tools and social network applications on Facebook, LinkedIn and other leading social networking sites. Our application development services team works closely with your business or organization all the way through the process to create highly viral concepts, develop user-friendly, stable and scalable Web widgets and social network applications.

Social Media Application Management, Maintenance & Support

After designing, developing, and launching a Web widget, tool or social network application ongoing management, maintenance, and support will be required to enhance not only the Web widget and app functionality as platforms mature and change, but also to properly leverage the internal communications channels as usage trends mature and change.

Our ongoing management, maintenance, and support services include:

  • Monitoring and analysis of user engagement
  • Usage trends and reporting
  • Viral channel maintenance

For more information about our Social Media App, Tool & Widget development services, porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for a Branded Social Media Application, Tool or Widget, please contact us.