Software & Application Development Services

Guidelight Business Solutions is a custom software and website strategy, design, development, technology planning, and strategic consulting firm based in the Austin, TX area. Our veteran industry experts listen to and understand your goals and deliver solutions on time, on budget and with the quality you expect.

Our managers apply agile methods to consistently deliver a stream of value while managing risks, and at the same time understand technology choices, software architecture, component design and management approach each play a critical role in achieving your goals. We aim to achieve the highest levels of quality and professionalism in everything we do.

Guidelight service offerings include:

  • Web Solutions - Business Web Application Development
    We specialize in highly technical business solutions that include Web and Enterprise Portals, Business Process Automation, Content and Document Management, Ecommerce and Online Payments, Business Intelligence and Data Mining, and Media Content Distribution
  • Mobile App Development
    We provide multi-platform development including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, .NET Mobile Frameworks and HTML5 Web Apps
  • Social Media Application Development
    Learn how Facebook Application Development and other Social Media Widgets and Tools can keep you a step ahead of the competition
  • Cloud Computing & Storage Integration
    Hosting your entire application in the Cloud is normally an easy and extremely cost-effective option for medium to medium-large businesses, and supports storing huge amounts of data without having to invest in expensive infrastructure
  • Business Systems Integration & Custom Extensions
    Design, Development and Deployment of Business Software Solutions that leverage your existing applications and IT infrastructure
  • Strategic Technology Consulting
    Enterprise Architecture & Systems Optimization Planning, Application Requirements & Performance Strategy Analysis, Third Party Software & Architecture Code Review, Application Security & Risk Mitigation, and Marketing Strategy & Customer Analysis
  • Software Maintenance & Support
    Support for our Custom Software Solutions as well as for most software systems and applications developed by third parties

    Are You Finally Realizing You're Going to Continue Missing Critical Project Deadlines?

    Beyond the main services listed above, we specialize in rescuing troubled software projects. If you missed yet another project deadline, or your site has a critical bug blocking your real-time ecommerce sales, we have the expertise, experience and proven track record necessary to pull your project from the flames. Simply put, at Guidelight Business Solutions, we deliver.

    Our portfolio of both local and national clients includes a broad range of industries including healthcare, automotive, education, government, associations, manufacturing, and more. Our clients often require technically complex solutions that are beyond the abilities of other firms. To find out how we can help you, please contact us.