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Software Security Audits & Risk Mitigation

Security Audits & Risk Mitigation

Today’s complex environment makes it more difficult for IT managers to meet the challenges of business compliance and security related tasks which includes creating policies and procedures, performing security audit, security audit response, standardizing IT security controls along with reporting.

Application Security & Risk Mitigation Services

Our consulting services have been developed to help you achieve Information Security standard certification compliance (ISO 27001 / PCI) for your organization. Our expertise and experience also enables us to also help with the following IT Security tasks:

  • Creating enterprise information security policies and processes that fall in-line with industry best practices
  • Developing electronic Fraud prevention strategies
  • Building secure data leakage prevention strategies & frameworks
  • Designing & implementing secure applications including secure SDLC design
  • Developing and enforcing secure coding practices
  • Creating reassurance through source code review and audits

Application Security & Risk Mitigation Process

Due to the increases in our reliance on computer systems and electronic data, information security risk has become something that governments and businesses must manage. Our risk assessment process has been developed to help you meet this challenge and includes the following elements:

  • Identify threats that could harm or adversely affect critical operations and assets
  • Utilize historical data and judgment of knowledgeable individuals to estimate the likelihood of a threat materializing
  • Determine which operations and assets are most important should they be affected by a threat by identifying and ranking their value, sensitivity, and criticality
  • Estimating potential losses or damages that would occur, including recovery costs, should a threat materialize
  • Identify the most appropriate and cost-effective actions to mitigate or reduce the risk. Such actions might include creating new policies and procedures and/or technical or physical controls
  • Fully document assessment results and develop an action plan

Security Audits & Risk Mitigation Consulting Benefits

Guidelight's objective security testing of your organization's computer systems, electronic data, and compliance objectives not only improves management's overall knowledge of risk, it helps them to:

  • Develop effective business and compliance oriented security policies and process
  • Increase security and reliability of information systems
  • Effectively manage security compliance
  • Protect your organization from data leakage
  • Streamlined control design based on business needs
  • Drive secure application development and implementation across the enterprise

For more information about our Application Security Audits & Risk Mitigation Consulting services, or to simply get a Security & Risk Mitigation quote, please contact us.