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Requirements & Performance Analysis

Application Requirements & Performance Strategy Analysis

Most companies improperly develop their Enterprise solutions and thus fail to create a competitive advantage in today’s cut throat markets. Is your organization making all the right decisions when it comes to developing solutions that will improve efficiency and capabilities while reducing costs?

Application Requirements Strategy Analysis

Guidelight helps you focus on your requirements and objectives to drive an effective development strategy that will maximize IT resources and improve your business processes. In the end, this type of precise strategy planning will also improve your bottom line.

We help ensure your key software capabilities:

  • Support and maintain mission critical activities
  • Improve information sharing, data quality and communications
  • Alleviate associated risks to achieve proper balance
  • Minimize or eliminate human bottlenecks and IT inadequacies
  • Alleviate restrictions with new Enterprise solutions implementation
  • Support the exploiting of areas of your market currently not being exploited

Application Performance Strategy Analysis

Guidelight's meticulous performance strategy consulting services help to ensure an effective development plan including all the proper elements to create a scalable, stable, high-performance application. These elements, and in particular planning for these elements, should be carefully built into the systems architecture from the very beginning.

Implementing an effective performance plan helps to ensure any surprises during deployment are truly minimal. Below are some of the questions needing to be answered early in the process:

  • User & Transaction Load
    • Does your plan call for properly implemented load testing?
    • Have you properly developed around bottlenecks that could impede normal flow?
    • Will modifications to your plan introduce new concerns with performance, scalability, or stability?
  • Response Time
    • Are you measuring both server-side execution times and client-side execution times?
    • In measuring from the end-user perspective, are you including network time?
  • Resource Utilization
    • Are you measuring CPU, Memory, and Disk resources on a proper schedule?
    • Can you improve performance by rearranging data to balance I/O requests?
    • Can you adjust server or operating system configuration to reduce or spread activities?
    • Have you accurately accounted for each individual component?
  • Service Demand
    • Are you taking into account network, applications, content and users?
    • Does your plan directly face fault management, configuration, account management, performance monitoring and security?

For more information about our Application Requirements & Performance Strategy Analysis services, or to simply get an Application Requirements & Performance Strategy Analysis quote, please contact us.