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Rescuing Enterprise Mobile App Projects: Guidelight Business Solutions Announces New Service

June 15, 2012
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In today’s gold-rush adoption of mobile capabilities, organizations are turning to B2C development models to get enterprise-level apps into the hands—and onto the handheld devices—of employees at all levels of the organization. The problem is that B2C methods do not scale to the robust functionality needed for enterprise solutions.

According to Guidelight CEO George Stevens, “The mobile market is still very young, and there are many new vendors who simply don't have the experience to know the actual costs of developing enterprise quality apps.”

He added, “This is where Guidelight’s 10-year history of tackling the tough technology projects comes into play. For years, companies have relied on Guidelight for troubled project turnaround. We have the maturity as a company and the deep technical expertise in-house to get projects back on track. Carrying this success forward into the mobile realm is a natural next step.”

What are the telltale signs of a troubled project? Companies may observe repeated schedule slippage, failure to deliver software builds on time and a lack of transparency. The number of bugs being resolved may suddenly drop as managers reassign bug fixers back to core development. There may be a sudden interest in reducing the scope of the project or increasing the human or financial resources being applied.

Guidelight has identified an orderly series of steps to reverse the downward tumble of a failing project. Most turnarounds require both a technical assessment and a scope assessment. The technical assessment evaluates the quality of the technical assets that have been developed and identifies the elements that can be harvested in order to move forward. The scope assessment evaluates the state of the project management being used and the scope of the software being developed.

Often, the assessments can be completed fairly quickly using what Guidelight calls a Solution Blueprint®, which generates a multi-dimensional specification describing the entire solution. Guidelight uses this blueprint, which is highly aligned with the goals of the business, to reformulate the project schedule, set the appropriate expectations in the minds of stakeholders and move the project forward in a highly visible, transparent and fully managed fashion. Stevens commented, “This approach leads to success.”

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