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Apple WWDC 2012: Takeaways from Austin Technologist

July 17, 2012

“Apple continues to impress.” So says Austin’s own Brad Banister, Director of Technology for Guidelight Business Solutions. Banister was one of the lucky 5,000 to attend the sold-out Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC for short) that was held last month in San Francisco.

Banister adds, "For one thing, the redesigned Maps app looks to be a game changer, integrating 3D rendering with Siri, Yelp, traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation. Google has some catching up to do." The Maps application, part of the iOS 6 rollout, will supplant Google Maps on the iPhone and iPad. Apple created the application in-house, all the way down to the cartography.

The keynote was mobbed. Some people lined up as early as 3 a.m. Even with overflow rooms, many attendees weren't able to get in.

The assembled multitudes enthusiastically applauded all things new from Apple. And there was a lot to be enthusiastic about. There was the unprecedented jokiness as Siri warmed up the audience (“I’m really looking forward to the new Samsung. Not the phone, the fridge!”) There were new stats from new CEO Tim Cook (greeted like a rock star). There was the new mobile operating system, iOS 6, with more than 200 new features. There was the new, ultra-thin MacBook Pro with high-resolution Retina display.

Banister comments, "The story is the apps. The Facebook integration with iOS 6 looks to be amazing. Almost everything you do with iPhone will be sharable with your network of friends. Passbook is Apple's new mobile wallet app for managing tickets, coupons and payments."

Perhaps most exciting to the developer crowd was iOS 6 and the insights about future product development its introduction unveiled. Banister continues, “Auto-layout is a new feature that allows developers to easily create apps that adjust for different screen sizes. This reveals that bigger screens are coming to iPhones and iPads, as apps will now be able to handle new screen sizes without modification.”

“From the developer side, API improvements in iOS 6 will allow us to write visually stunning apps faster than ever before. We can now create great apps that integrate more deeply with iOS features like Facebook integration, location services and mapping, event reminders and even mobile payments.”

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