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iPhone App Developers

If your business isn't already leveraging the soaring popularity of the iPhone, you're at risk of losing your hard-earned customers to competitors who are. Simply put, having an iPhone app or a mobile optimized Web site for your business isn't just a nice to have anymore, it's become a must have.

The iPhone is the top-selling mobile phone, and an estimated 85 percent of iPhone users browse the Web on their handset. For now, competition in the mobile space is fairly limited. This is true, despite the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone, because most brands do not yet have a company iPhone app, or at least an iPhone-friendly version of their Web site.

If you happen to compete in a crowded or otherwise highly-competetive vertical, this provides you a special opportunity to differentiate your brand and gain new customers. In the end, if your company is wise enough to engage this key user-base on their favorite handset, they have every tendency to think and act favorably towards you as well.

We're iPhone App Developers that use the Latest Device Features

iPhone Features

The latest media handling capabilities available on iPhones makes both gaming and streaming media a rich and engaging experience. Coupled with a high resolution camera, the iPhone’s media handling is bi-directional; allowing capture, submission and playing of rich content in real time.

Understanding the abilities and limitations of each iPhone and iOS module (including location-based services, device-orientation services, and near-range communications services among other things) is a critical element for properly capturing the vision of an app and facilitating the development of engaging user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX).

Create Universal Apps with Guidelight iPhone App Developers

Universal iPhone App Developers

We also have the capabilities to expand the reach of certain mobile and iPhone applications by creating universal apps for Apple’s iOS that run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In these cases, a single application (having been developed with these platforms in mind) can be deployed on multiple devices and behave consistently without retooling or re-implementing for each environment.

Best-in-Class iPhone App Development Solutions

Guidelight consistently delivers best-in-class iPhone app development projects that include location, mapping, and camera functionality, along with a host of other technologies and capabilities. This includes everything from location/mapping APIs, to capturing and manipulating images using the device’s camera, to adding contacts, calendars, and email support for these mobile and iPhone apps.

Featured iPhone Application Development - myGuardianAngel iPhone App

myGuardianAngel iPhone App

Simply open the app or push the large “HELP” button (you choose which through settings) and your iPhone begins recording audio and video for automatic sending to everyone you designate as an emergency contact. The message informs contacts that you are involved in an emergency situation and may not be able to use your phone. The message contains your location along with a link to the streaming audio captured by your iPhone.

A 30-second video clip will also be recorded which means a quick point of your phone's camera can capture valuable evidence to be viewed by your emergency contacts. All audio and video is sent to a secure server as well so destroying the phone will not destroy the evidence. Additional messages are also automatically sent from your iPhone every minute to update emergency contacts with an updated location. These automatic updates will continue until the app is closed.

With myGuardianAngel, the push of a SINGLE button allows you to get help, capture evidence, be tracked by GPS, and simultaneously update several emergency contacts of your situation through streaming audio and video from your iPhone. The myGuardianAngel iPhone app is a great example of Guidelight's ability to deliver well thought out apps driven by intelligent and easy-to-use interfaces, all supported by extremely robust back-end functionality.

For more information about our iOS and iPhone app development services, specific app porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for your iPhone app development project, please contact us.