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iPad App Developers

Guidelight's iPad app developers provide visually stunning solutions that include realistic touches, high-resolution graphics, and beautifully designed tools, elements and overall functionality. Our creative process is heavily focused on the environment and experience which allows us to take full advantage of iPad's unique ability to support a visually and functionally appealing user interface (UI).

This, together with the unique aspects of the iPad multi-touch, high-speed connectivity, multi-media capabilities and mobile sensors including accelerometer, GPS, etc., gives us the ability to develop with innovation, especially with regard to usability and connectivity.

Strengths of our iPad App Developers

Multi-Touch supports a very natural user interface, which allows us to shrink the learning curve while drastically increasing the quality of usability for a wide range of iPad applications and users.

High-speed Internet Connectivity supports integration of the cloud’s computing capacity, which gives us the ability to deliver robust functionality to much lighter and more portable devices without ever having to sacrifice effective computing capacity.

Rich Media Integration supports the delivery of rich media (video and audio streaming) that includes the ability to drive Media Encoding, Digital Rights Management, Hyperlink Video, IP Telephony, ADs Management, Watermarking, Media Analytics and more.

Featured iPad Application Development - Jameson Whiskey iPad App

Jameson iPad App

The large amount of screen real estate helps make the iPad an extremely effective and attention-grabbing marketing tool. This is exactly why Pernod Ricard decided to develop a cutting-edge iPad application for their street teams to attract, excite and engage bar patrons with their brand.

The Jameson iPad app is a new tool that goes well beyond the traditional arsenal for front-line promotional models, and allows patrons to play Jameson-themed trivia and win actual prizes through the game. The app was also developed to be skinned with completely themed environments which can be changed from season-to-season or event-to-event. This is another factor that gives the iPad application long-term value.

One of the main benefits for a company using an iPad app as a marketing tool is that live data can be collected throughout the process. This allows Jameson to not only see exactly how many times the game was played, but also helps to capture a better understanding of customers' knowledge and interest in the brand.

For more information about our iPad app development services, specific app porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for your iPad app development project, please contact us.