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Facebook Fanpage Developers

Facebook’s Fan pages are the premier community platform for enabling companies, organizations and brands to engage with both customers and potential customers, as they provide the valuable opportunity to interact with a target audience. Fan pages are not just interactive either, they can also be informative, humorous, fun, and/or provide tangible value to customers.

Facebook Fan Page business opportunities include:

  • Reaching Customers - Keep customers up-to-date with your latest company news or what’s new and happening.
  • Attracting Customers - Acquire new customers as well as resell or upsell existing ones.
  • Marketing Products - Easily market new and existing products or services through promotions and discounts.
  • Entertainment - Interact directly with fans providing them with photos, videos, games, quizzes and more.
  • Track, Measure, Analyze - Access key user info including age, gender, affiliations along with likes and interests.

Facebook Fan Page Development - Outpacing the Competition

Facebook is currently considered the #1 social networking platform and is believed to earn more than 30% of the total revenue generated by all social media and social networking platforms put together. The platform includes the capacity to promote your products and services in a very cost-effective manner, and at the same time allows you to create strong bonds with your fans, clients, and potential prospects to gain a competition advantage in the marketplace.

How can a Facebook Fan Page help your business?

  • Would you like to generate more sales?
  • Are you looking to hire new employees?
  • Getting ready to launch a new product or release your next album?
  • Do you have an industry tradeshow, concert or other public even appearance coming up?
  • Could you benefit by further differentiating yourself from your competitors?
  • Would your customers benefit by having more information about your company, products & services?
  • Would direct customer feedback about an existing or recently launched product help you market more strategically?

Facebook Fan Page Development - Hitting the Mark

The extreme reach and interactive nature of the entire platform keeps your customers engaged and well-familiar with you, but at the same time it becomes that much more important that your Facebook Fan Page accurately represent and maintain your brand image and message. This is why it's important to choose a Facebook Fan Page developer like Guidelight who has experience in the space, and also has the experience working with blue-chip brands where name, reputation and representation mean so much more.

For more information about Guidelight Facebook Fan Page Development services, porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for your Branded Facebook Fan Page Development project, please contact us.