Facebook Connect Integration

Facebook Connect Developers

Why make website visitors enter personal information to create an account when you can easily automate the process? Facebook Connect gives you the ability collect basic registration information directly from Facebook during login without the need for a typical web form. Even returning visitors can login to your site using their Facebook credentials without ever needing a username and password specific to your website.

Once Facebook Connect has been implemented, you have access to a rich set of user data such as the user’s name, profile picture, gender, current city, and networks. You will also have the ability to request user permission to access additional information from their Facebook account such as birth date, location, friends list, photos, videos, news feeds, work history, relationships, political and religious affiliations and more.

Facebook Connect Website Integration - Options & Benefits

With over 500 million active users, Facebook is the leading social networking platform enabling users to communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.

Custom Facebook Connect integration options include:

  • Add like buttons that trigger real actions on your site or on Facebook.
  • Publish a list of user's Facebook friends who are also members of your site.
  • Add a social “wall” to your page where users can add comments and then post them to Facebook.
  • Integrate your Facebook fan page into your existing website.
  • Give your users the ability to easily invite Facebook friends to your site, from your site.
  • Share rich content including images, flash animations, embedded links and user generated content.

Guidelight Facebook Connect Integration - Powerful, Flexible & Precise

Guidelight has the ability to implement Facebook Connect into any part of your website, allowing users to access their Facebook friends and connections right from your website while maintaining complete control over their permissions granted in a quickly implemented and fully secure environment.

We make dealing with complexities of adding Facebook support to your site seamless. Our development process is also built on a foundation of constant communication with our clients to ensure your integration will be fully functional and fully on target with your needs, requirements and budget.

For more information about our Facebook Connect Integration development services, porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for your Branded Facebook Connect Integration project, please contact us.