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Branded Facebook Apps

Facebook App Developers

Guidelight is a premier Facebook app developer that can help you build, strengthen, and sustain customer relationships. Facebook applications are the new way for businesses to interact with customers and companies around the world have started to leverage the Facebook platform to reach out to millions of both prospective and existing customers.

Branded Facebook applications support customer engagement to:

  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Achieve viral marketing objectives
  • Target very specific niche audiences
  • Strengthen your ability to manage your brand
  • Generate visits by non-users through updates by existing users

Facebook Application Development - Bringing Your Brand to Life

Branded Facebook Applications that engage users tend to draw even more attention and can often help further enhance a company’s image and reputation. Here at Guidelight, we keep this idea at the forefront while providing a full array of Facebook Applications that are unique, novel and brand-driven.

We have experience developing customized designs that include a blend of creativity, innovation and expertise to deliver best-in-class Facebook application development services for various types of businesses. At the same time, we work closely with your organization to ensure the intended brand message remains clear and all other campaign goals are met.

Our Facebook Application Development Services include:

  • Facebook Application Design
  • Facebook Apps Development
  • Facebook API Development
  • Facebook Widget Development

Our Facebook Application Development Products include:

  • Sweepstakes & Contest - Engage customers with contests based on user-generated content including product reviews, photos & videos, and/or with an enter-to-win sweepstakes to create viral brand awareness.
  • Trivia Facebook Apps - Q&A, quiz and trivia application are some of the most popular applications requested by our clients, and they are some of the most successful, as well.
  • Facebook Gifting Apps - Create virtual branded gifts and custom messages for your customers to send to their friends.
  • Custom Facebook Apps - With developers having worked on the Facebook API since its inception, in additional to our being experts on everything web, if it's possible...we'll make it happen on Facebook!

Branded Facebook Application Development - The Process

We begin the Facebook Application Development process by fully exploring your thoughts, ideas, needs and requirements, after which we work up the technical and core software specifications. Once this has been completed, we'll flesh out interface and functionality questions through design testing and versioning until we have a functional application that's ready to go to market.

Between our rigorous process and our experience and knowledge of best practices and the most recent success trends across the Facebook platform, we are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are sure to meet (and most often exceed) your expectations.

For more information about our Facebook application development services, porting capabilities, or to simply get a quote for your Branded Facebook app development project, please contact us.