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Enterprise Application & Systems Integration

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is the process of supporting two or more enterprise systems so they can operate as one. EAI systems are normally built to integrate incompatible business systems within a single enterprise. A scenario like this might entail integrating an older legacy system with a newer customer resource management (CRM) system.

Enterprise Application Integration systems are also being used more and more frequently to integrate enterprise systems of separate companies to support electronic business transactions between enterprises.

Systems Integration Analysis and Consulting

We work to ensure a well-defined and clear integration vision, a transparent budget, measured deliverables, an optimal technology strategy, along with urgent and crucial security concepts. This process includes:

  • Project analysis and strategy planning
  • Integration architecture design
  • Process and data modeling
  • Security consulting
  • Architecture and infrastructure testing

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Implementation

We offer full-cycle Enterprise Service Bus implementation services for Enterprise organizations requiring end-to-end systems integration across a number of automated processes and procedures. This provides you the opportunity to leverage an end-to-end services offering that includes ESB deployment and stabilization, full technical documentation, on-going systems improvements, IT department training, along with outsourced maintenance and support.

Hub-and-spoke Systems Integration

Hub-and-spoke Systems Integration connects your databases and applications to a centralized hub allowing for data synchronization and interchange while enabling business process management and centralized data access. Typically, this is a cost-effective solution for SMBs and can be easily transformed and/or scaled into an ESB solution as the enterprise grows.

Enterprise Portal Integration & Development

We offer Enterprise Portal Integration and Development to include data mining solutions along with a presentation layer to provide single data access points to various corporate information and data sources. This allows your organization to benefit by driving essential business initiatives, reducing time for information access, improving management and employee effectiveness, all while ensuring collaboration and transparency.

Point-to-point Integration and Ad Hoc Solutions

For organizations needing to automate data interchange between two applications, or integrate disparate or isolated applications to an existing integrated environment, we provide stable, scalable and flexible solutions and services including:

  • Custom API integration
  • Custom database connectors
  • Custom middleware development
  • Re-engineering or customization of existing frameworks and applications

Full-Scope Enterprise Application Integration & Systems Integration Solutions

Guidelight offers a full range of application and systems integration services allowing you to accelerate business processes, verify data consistency across multiple organizational systems, and eliminate ineffective routine operations.

Once we've achieved a very clear understanding of your specific requirements and current infrastructure, we plan, design and develop fully customized solutions to ensure maximum return on investment while reducing the cost of ownership across your entire information infrastructure.

For more information about our Enterprise Application Integration & Systems Integration services, or to simply get a quote for your systems integration development project, please contact us.