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Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud Storage Integration

Deploying enterprise cloud storage solutions offers a wide variety of pre-existing technology and application resources. And although it can be leveraged by existing applications, often at lower cost, the real benefits of cloud storage are experienced when applications are able to take advantage of its compelling collaboration, programmability, and distribution capabilities.

These benefits are becoming easier and easier to leverage as the entire storage industry continues to move towards greater levels of application awareness and integration, and at the same time transitions from bulk management of capacity to integrated use of information and granular management of data.

Benefits of cloud storage integration include:

  • Unmatched cost-efficiency and agility - Integrating applications and systems through a cloud storage platform supports the highest levels of flexibility, agility, and cost efficiency.
  • Powerful data synchronization capabilities - Robust data synchronization capabilities support simplified application data flow processes along with the ability to add layers of protection between core systems.
  • Single “pipe” enterprise integration - Cloud storage gives you the infrastructure options and tools to easily connect to your external partners via traditional applications, system integrations and even mobile-to-mobile integrations.
  • Vendor neutral architecture protection - Cloud integration has the capabilities to benefit highly integrated business systems, applications and processes without compromising your architecture or requiring a single-vendor approach. The related technical infrastructure options help to ensure your organization or business maintains the highest possible levels of freedom, flexibility and security.
  • Options for any point in time - Whether your business is operating in a highly and tightly integrated environment, or you simply want to explore the most basic advantages of a cloud storage integration, Guidelight’s cloud integration methodologies are built through experience doing implementations for all levels and stages of application development.

Leveraging the Power of Cloud Storage Integration

With Guidelight, you are able to leverage our deep integration experience and expertise to best understand your opportunities to enable higher levels of agility, cost-effectiveness, reliability and security as you form your cloud storage development and integration strategies.

Whether you need to quickly integrate internal systems within your enterprise environment, or integrate with outside business partners, or you would simply like to explore the power of cloud storage options as they relate to your integration needs, Guidelight's cloud integration development team is here to help.

For more information about our expertise in Cloud Storage Integration, or to simply get a quote for your cloud storage development project, please contact us.