Cloud Application Developers

Cloud Application Development

Guidelight provides best-in-class Cloud Application Development Services. Leveraging the Cloud to host your entire application is normally an easy and extremely cost-effective option for medium to medium-large businesses, and supports storing huge amounts of data without ever having to invest in expensive infrastructure

  • Cloud Computing & Hosting
    We are experts in developing IT infrastructures that leverage Cloud Computing & Hosting which provides benefits including rapid server & application deployment, easy to scale solutions, cost-effectiveness, along with unique abilities such as the capability to seamlessly backup an entire machine and restore it at any time
  • Cloud Storage Integration
    Cloud Storage offers numerous benefits including much faster startup times compared to a SAN (Storage Area Network) or NAS (Network attached storage), initial costs are much lower, immediate storage scalability as demand rises, as well as better overall reliability as Cloud services utilize thousands of high-availability servers

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