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Solution Overview - D&H App for iPhone ®

D&H iPhone App


D&H Distributing is a leading technology distributor of IT and consumer electronics products, offering end-to-end solutions for resellers, dealers and retailers across the SMB and Consumer markets. D&H and D&H Canada combine to serve customers throughout North America through five warehouse locations, with a percentage of business conducted online through www.dandh.com and www.dandh.ca.

D&H was seeking to develop an iPhone ® application to provide customers mobile access to D&H Distributing and D&H Canada by enabling inventory search, product purchasing, order tracking and more.

Platform Definition

Target Platforms - The application is designed specifically for the iPhone ® and iPod Touch ®. It is compatible with iOS version 4 and higher, and complies with the Apple App Store Review Guidelines.

Assumptions and Dependencies - 1) This is a free app available for download in the Apple App Store. 2) App users are existing customers of D&H Distributing or D&H Canada who already have an online user account. 3) The app requires an internet connection to work since all application states are maintained on the server.

Architectural Details - The App communicates with D&H backend servers via RESTful web services. In production, web service calls are made against the D&H internet load balancer, which proxies requests between two web servers. The web servers in turn forward requests to one of six instances of the D&H v4 web service. V4 acts as the business layer, enforcing business rules and orchestrating interactions between the database, search engine, sales/order entry system and pricing engine. Results from these web service calls are returned as JSON data for ease of parsing by the App.

App Screenshots

D&H iPhone App - LoginD&H iPhone App - SearchD&H iPhone App - Search ResultsD&H iPhone App - Products

Functionality Overview

The D&H App for iPhone® and iPod touch® combines the features of an award winning web site with leading edge mobile technology allowing D&H customers to meet their customers’ needs anywhere, anytime. The D&H App is a powerful tool that includes all of the essential features that have made the D&H web site one of the industry’s most highly-regarded ecommerce offerings for computer, networking, consumer electronics, home entertainment, home networking, and gaming equipment.

Mobile Features Include:

  • Log into a D&H account using an existing D&H website user ID and password to view product details, up-to-date pricing, and live inventory availability
  • Shop D&H’s full product catalog
  • Purchase items securely from within the app
  • Scan UPC barcodes to quickly view extensive product information or purchase products
  • Browse complete product information, including full product descriptions and images
  • Access favorite items for easy retrieval in the Watchlist tab
  • Track current orders and view past purchases

There’s no longer a need to return to the desk in order to consult dandh.com or dandh.ca. The site has always been commended for its function and ease, dating back to when it was first established as ‘D&H 2000.’ The release of this feature-rich iPhone App is another example of D&H continuing to enhance user experience by offering the same capabilities of dandh.com and dandh.ca right in the dealer’s pocket, in essentially the same format that customers have grown to know and love.

Client Response

“We’re thrilled to make this investment in a new technology offering with the help of Guidelight. The company won us over by asking intelligent questions and adapting our easy to use interface and features, which contributed to a sound application strategy,” said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of sales at D&H Distributing. “D&H’s new mobile application builds expedience into the dandh.com ordering process, incorporating some of the best features of our web site into this new format."