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Business Process Integration (BPI)

Business Process Integration

We help organizations design, develop and deploy business applications according to business requirements, rather than IT silos. Our strategies are designed to quickly and reliably integrate your business data and technologies while automating and optimizing business processes both within your organization as well as across customer, partner, distribution and supply chain channels. This helps organizations and businesses maximize business efficiency while reducing both maintenance and operational costs.

The Importance and Value of Business Process Integration (BPI)

Business process integration (BPI) is an extremely important business strategy for connecting individual technologies to create a seamless and efficient workflow. This enhances information and data transfer between different technologies, making it much easier to retrieve specific pieces of information and data as required.

Business process integration is especially valuable in:

  • Enhancing employee and staff efficiency
  • Minimizing inconsistencies and inefficiencies caused by data duplication
  • Allowing valuable resources to be used to perform other important business functions
  • Drives collaboration as various departments are required to share key data
  • Helping organizations save time and money

Implementing Business Process Integration - Horizontal or Vertical?

Horizontal Business Process Integration - connects core information and data resources while enabling strategic process. This methodology is designed to drive seamless and efficient information flow between various activities that either depend on or support one another.

Vertical Business Process Integration - connects strategic business initiatives with various business activities. This methodology is designed to ensure the organization is continually working towards and achieving their overall business goals.

Business Process Integration - The Future is Now

As the popularity of Business Process Integration continues to grow, more and more businesses are applying it as a part of their core operational plan. If your organization could experience significant returns or savings by preforming high volume tasks or operations more efficiently, and in most cases this is done through implementation of tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), we're here to help you quickly measure and quantify your business process integration options.

For more information about our Business Process Integration (BPI) services, or to simply get a quote for your Business Process Integration (BPI) development project, please contact us.