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My First DrupalCon: Insights from a DrupalConSF Attendee.

Guidelight attended DrupalCon in San Francisco April 19-21, 2010. It was an amazing experience to meet over 3000 people all interested in Drupal. The Drupal Project is full of brilliant people who give back to the Open Source community and at DrupalCon it was possible to meet face to face with the creator Dries Buytaert and other core Drupal developers. There were over 120 scheduled panels divided into 6 tracks presented by a variety of Drupal experts and a significant number of Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussions covering a wide variety of topics ranging from highly technical to how to build a business case for the use of Drupal in the Enterprise.

I will admit to being blown away by the “Open Source in the Cloud Era” presentation given by Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of all those O’Reilly books we read. He asserted we’re building an Internet Operating System – a platform that will host everything from mobile phone apps to web apps and keep your eyes open for platform wars. Two other Cloud + Drupal presentations were presented by Josh Koenig of Chapter 3, “How to Best Take Advantage of Cloud Technologies with Drupal Sites - A Match Made in the Cloud” and by Barry Jasper “Challenges of Hosting Drupal on AWS”

My favorite way to learn is from case studies and there were plenty of them ranging from non-profits, social commerce, and enterprises. I learned how Barbie from Mattel uses Drupal and how Drupal's flexible and powerful delivery platform help support Mattel’s 6 million monthly visitors. Additionally, Liza Kindred presented a case study on Lullabot revealing secrets to running a successful business in the Drupal-sphere, how non-traditional business models have helped them get ahead. However, my favorite case study was by Florida Hospital one of the largest hospitals in the country, has standardized on Drupal as a Web platform both inside and outside the organization.

Also, we cannot forget to highlight the important role Drupal is having on Open Government projects. The final keynote of DrupalConSF was by Dave Cole is Senior Advisor to the CIO of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. . Jeff Walpole and Chuck D’Antonio’s presentation on the Future of Drupal in Government was excellent where they discussed how Drupal is equipped to help governments improve efficiency, transparency, accountability, and participation.

In addition to the earlier mentioned sessions, there were several technical sessions covering Design, Administration, and under the hood – Technical Details. I did benefit from listening to Deborah Fuzetto’s session, “Top 100 Useful Contributed Modules”. For links to the rest of the recorded DrupalConSF sessions, click this link.

However, a conference is made of more than just sessions and is really a product of the attendees, volunteers, and sponsors. This blog is not long enough to say Thank You to all who made the DrupalConSF experience extraordinary. Here is just a quick shout out and recommendations to start following their Drupal tweets: @webchick (Angie Byron, Top Drupal Developer and Evangalist), @cmsreport (great lunch conversationalist), @volacci (DrupalSEO), @mooncougar (CiviCRM and friendliest person at DrupalConSF), both @garethsprice and @davidtoakley (Friendliest folks from Florida Hospital Team), and @outlandishjosh (Just for being a good host).

Want to hear more, listen to the Lullabot podcast here. We are still currently editing our clips of DrupalConSF so look for our quick video summary soon but for now enjoy the Drupal Song.

Highly recommend registering for DrupalCon Copenhagen – and look forward to attending DrupalCon Chicago!


PS: 1% of the Top Websites are based in Drupal!


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