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Live at DrupalConSF – Drupal Song and the Thriving Drupal Community

We at Guidelight Business Solutions are proud that we attended our first DrupalCon in San Francisco. Our blog is truely not long enough to say Thank You to all who made the DrupalConSF experience extraordinary. However, we encourage you to take a look at our video highlighting the DrupalConSF experience with the Drupal Song as our audio. Yes, Drupal has its own song. As a local business, it was inspiring to meet other developers, users, and decision makers in the community such as @Dries, @Webchick, @cmsreport, and many others. However, a conference is made of more than just sessions and is really a product of the attendees, volunteers, and sponsors.

The best description of the vibrant Drupal community can be found in Michael Walsh’s post, “Gov 2.0 guide to Drupal” . I agree with Walsh that Drupal’s vibrant developer and user community is a key factor for why Drupal is establishing itself as a leader among social software solutions. So why choose Drupal? Perhaps Nikos Drakos, Research Developer at Gartner said it best:
"Drupal is in the Visionaries quadrant because of its use of the open source model to drive adoption and popularity, while providing enterprise services via organizations such as Acquia. Its strong content-centric, community and web application foundation is being rapidly extended with hundreds of modules, including many for collaboration and social interaction support."


PS: Special Thanks to Rainbreaw, Ceardach, and Hefox on Flickr. Gracias Rob Loach for some extra footage from DrupalConSF. Thank You Bryan Ruby and a very special Thank you to Jeff Robbins, Dmitri Gaskin, and especially Doug Vann. This video would not have been made possible without them.


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