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Legacy Infrastructure and Capacity Expansion in the Cloud

In addition to the announcement of EC2 Spot Instances, Amazon has also announced the unlimited beta availability of their VPC service offering. The Virtual Private Cloud extends your local network over a VPN connection to the EC2 environment.

For companies that have a large investment in IT infrastructure but also want to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, the VPC might be just the solution. By extending an internal network via a VPN to Amazon Web Services, companies gain by having low-cost and highly efficient capacity expansion. Instead of purchasing additional hardware resources to add to an existing datacenter, the VPC allows the dynamic expansion and contraction of computing resources as demand dictates.

The VPC is Amazon's service offering allowing Infrastructure-as-a-service, or IAAS. Because it is over a VPN, it has all of the same security mechanism most firms are already accustomed to using - especially if the company is in multiple distributed environments already. For energy companies, this allows a quick expansion of capabilities during compute-intensive research such as geological strata analysis. For lawfirms who conduct their own ediscovery, pushing data out to a secure EC2 environment for searching, cataloging and indexing is a far better solution than the capital investment needed for a permanent infrastructure. For growth companies struggling with ever increasing resource requirements, the VPC might be just the solution to fuel infrastructure growth commensurate with corporate growth.


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