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IFrame a Facebook App or Facebook Page

For the newby Facebook developer, setting up your first application is fairly straightforward until you need to decide whether to use FBML or an IFrame. FBML used to be both the default and the recommended approach, and for many developers, the method you started with has been the approach you've used since.

An important blog post by Charlie Cheever back in September 2008 recommended using IFrames. For those curious about the differences in page processing between IFrames and FBML, Charlie's post is a must-read; and, although the post was made fully two years ago, the information is still relevant today.

In late August 2010, Facebook product manager Namita Gupta announced that the Facebook Platform is moving toward IFrames in both Canvas apps and Page tabs. Further, no new FBML apps will be allowed after the end of 2010.


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