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A Brief Look at the F# Progamming Language

If you've already upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 then you may have noticed a new language available for the .Net platform: F#. Although F# has been available for several years, it is getting a big boost by being included as a bundled language on the VS2010 install disc.

F# emerged out of Microsoft Reseach as a functional language but with object-oriented features. More noteably, it has full access to the entire suite of .Net classes, which, as we all know, is both expanding and bring newer capabilities into programmers' hands regularly (See my TechNote: LINQ to the Rescue blog post).

There are many very good resources available regarding the language itself, see Other Resources below. Of deeper interesting are the examples that are emerging as people begin to adopt it for use in real world problems. For example, Thomas Petricek's blog post on using F# for ASP.Net development is great. Bart Csernicki has another good blog post about using F# with Silverlight.

If you are interested in learn F# without buying a full version of Visual Studio, you can download the free Microsoft Studio 2010 Shell. The 'shell' is a great intro to Visual Studio. It does not have any language packs, so you will need to also get the F# Community Technology Preview.

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