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Attack of the Malicious Clouds

Clouds and cloud services are being used by consumers everywhere and have impacted our lives but are we safe? A few examples are Facebook, Twitter, and the various Google Apps. According to Radu Sion, a computer scientist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, “If you don’t have everybody using the cloud, you can’t have a cheap service. But when you have everybody using the clouds, you have all those security issues that you have to solve suddenly.” In fact according to Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), survey results indicate US-based IT managers are still wary of using cloud-computing services within their own operations. However, all computers on a network have security risks and perhaps the only “safe” computer is one that can’t access the Internet, away from windows, and locked in a safe.

Most regard cloud-computing services as highly efficient as opposed to the high overhead and complexity associated with traditional IT. In fact, the City of Los Angeles uses Google Apps as a service. Most of the respondents of the ISACA survey integrate IT risk management with their overall approach to risk management. Additionally, most of their organization will invest the same if not a little more in risk management and compliance in 2010 compared to what was invested in 2009. According Robert Stroud, International Vice President of ISACA, most IT managers worry about keeping data private and secure in a cloud setting and what would happen to the data should the cloud service provider go out of business.

However, advancements in cloud services foster changes to programming, distributing, and manipulating volumes of data in a manner that is more affordable than, say, on a mainframe. People are using software as a service and that will not change. There are still several questions about privacy and security but many companies, especially high growth companies, will be wise to use clouds. Some of the best uses of clouds are:

1. Internet Application Hosting
2. Proof of Concepts and/or Sales Demos
3. Disaster Recovery
4. Remote Storage
5. Development and Test – Including Interactive Application Design and Development

Lastly, there are many advances in security and encryption technologies, which will make the cloud more attractive to businesses in general, and specifically to healthcare and banking industries.

For more information on the cloud, I recommend reading, “Security in the Ether” published by MIT Technology Review and “Many Managers See Cloud Computing As Risky Business” from CIO.com.

We at Guidelight look forward to assisting and answering your questions about Cloud Computing and placing your web or custom software application on the cloud.



Posted On: May 20, 2014
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nice one

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