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Application & Software Analytics

Application and Software Analytics

Application and Software Analytics statictics can play a valuable role in today's software development process, as this data contains usage trends as well as deeper information that speaks to the quality of software and services being provided within an environment.

This systems and usage data not only allows organizational leaders to make better decisions with regard to brand, products, services, and online marketing, it also supports software engineers in designing and developing more effective and efficient solutions.

Software Systems - Application & Software Analytics

Software systems span from mobile applications to operating systems for devices to large-scale networked systems relying on thousands of servers. The overall quality of these systems including performance, reliability, and security, is normally the main factor in creating a successful long-term software solution.

Our time-tested methodologies and techniques help drive systems diagnosis while leveraging run-time traces, logs and error reports along with other data to better analyze, understand, monitor and improve overall systems quality.

Software Users - Application & Software Analytics

Usage data helps reveal how users interact with your applications and software and allows organizations to continuously create, maintain and update environments for the best user experience possible.

Our team has deep experience in usage data exploration and analysis projects. our key strengths are sharing and implementing advanced data collection techniques to enable informed decision for developing and maintaining effective and efficient user experiences.

Development Process - Application & Software Analytics

As the software development process continues to become more agile and engineers more collaborative, we continue to more heavily rely on software development analytics data to provide and achieve higher development quality and productivity.

Our team specializes in leveraging a data-driven approach which helps to identify Quality Assurance issues within in source code, support efficient code review, optimize test selection, as well as measure and predict the intrinsic health of an ongoing development process.

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